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Battery Capacity and Hour Meters


The ITC family capacity and hour meters feature superior Italian design and manufacturing reliability, at affordable prices. The electronic circuitry uses advanced microprocessor technology, offering maximum accuracy.

DC meters

  • Full range of battery capacity indicators and hour meters for lead acid batteries

  • Units with lift lock out protection offer
    superior accuracy (2-3%)

  • Standard units automatically recognize
    voltage for 24, 36, 48 and 72-volt batteries

  • Optional wiring adaptor makes installation fast and easy

  • Special units available for 12 volt and high voltage batteries (96 to 150 volts)

  • Optional discharge selector can be set for 12 different vpc levels

  • Hour meters record only actual working time, not “keyswitch” time

  • Warranty protection of 60 days

  • Battery capacity is displayed using 10 LED’s seven Green followed by three Red


A = 58 mm or 2.32 inches
B = 51 mm or 2.04 inches
C = 38 mm or 1.52 inches
D = 18 mm or .72 inches
E = 7 mm or .28 inches