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400 AMP NP® Connectors


The NP has been used on battery motive permissible mining equipment for over half a century.

Improved - New contact design made of a high conductivity copper provides efficient current transmission. Cable well accepts 4/0 cable to enable one to reduce energy losses due to small cable size.

Durable - Thermoset insulation is thermally stable so that contact alignment is consistent throughout life of connector.

We Invite Comparison - The true performance of an electric connector is its conductivity. This is easily measured in millivolts at rated current or in ohms resistance. Measurement should be from cable to cable at entrance to contact. Please compare the NP with the one you are now using.



Maximum Cable Rating

150 AMP

#2/0 - #4/0
250 - 400 AMP


Plugs w/Coupling and Handle 2904 2261G3
Plug w/Coupling Only  - -2261G1
Plug Only 9441 2261G2
Handle w/Hose Bib 110338G1 317G1
Strain Relief Packing Gland w/Hose Bib - 319G
Strain Relief Packing Gland w/o Hose Bib - 316G
Coupling Ring Only B00892P2 1C0902P8


Receptacle w/Falnge and Cover 5396 2262G1
Portable Receptacle 2901G1 2262G3
Handle with Clamp 2950  -
Strain Relief Packing Gland w/Hose Bib  - 314G
Strain Relief Packing Gland w/o Hose Bib - 315G
Screw Cover 1C0811G2 1C0811G1

Common Components

Cable Sleeve Kit for 1/0 Cable - 2486
Cable Sleeve Kit for 2/0 Cable - 2487
Ferrule Strip Kit for 4/0 Cable 2400  
Cable Lug Kit 2482 -