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PS-600 5 Pole Connectors


The PS-600 series continues Anderson's commitment to supply innovative mining connectors for your present and future needs.

Designed to meet domestic and internatonal standards. MSHA certified. Rated for 600 AMPS.

It's Superior: All contacts are silver plated to help maintain a clean current conducting surface and provide an electrically efficient connection.

All socket contacts are spring loaded, self-wiping and floating for optimum alignment, resulting in a very low resistance.

It's Durable: The PS-600 features rugged brass tubular housings, alignment marks provide easy insertion.

It's Repairable: All connector components are available separately. Damaged parts are field replaceable eliminating the cost of replacing a complete connector.

It's Convenient: The connector's integrity can be insured by either padlock or an alternate socket head set screw or both if desired.

Insist on the very best. Insist on genuine Anderson Mining Products.