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Industrial grade battery connectors for
lift trucks and various electrical applications.

We offer a complete line of industrial grade battery connectors and accessory products designed for lift trucks, as well as, other electrical applications.

Battery Terminals
Constructed of 131 contact copper providing high conductivity...

Battery Cable
Available in 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000 ft. lengths or special cuts....

Terminal Protection
Terminal Insulator Guards for top post, side terminal and fleet batteries.....

Lugs and Splices
Heavy Duty Copper Lugs, Standard Copper Lugs Plated and Unplated, Battery Cable Splices

DIN/Euro Connectors
DIN/Euro ConnectorsPlug and receptacle for electrically operated vehicles

Crimping Tools & Cable Cutters
Compact Cable Cutter, Cable Cutter, Crimp Master Universal Crimping Tool

Shrink Tubing and Cable Ties
Heat Wall Shrink Tubing and Cable Ties

Battery Connectors
Two pole battery connectors designed and manufactured to meet industry standards...

Accessories for Battery Connectors
Dust Covers, Cable Clamps, Charger Keys, Reduced Bushings...

Battery Capacity and Hour Meters
The ITC family capacity and hour meters feature superior Italian design and...